Sprint To Launch The Essential PH-1 This Friday

Essential PH 1 Sprint

Sprint is all set to launch the Essential PH-1 this Friday as a recently leaked image found over on Reddit shows the device along with the date that it will be launching. The phone is being displayed in what looks like an internal Sprint web page, which should be tipped off by the label at the top with the name of the representative rewards page titled “Rewards Me,” as well as the note that each qualified activation of the Essential PH-1 will earn representatives $20.

So obviously, there will be some heavy incentive for Sprint sales reps to lean towards the Essential PH-1 for activations, which might result in reps really trying to drive home to customers that this is the phone they want. Perhaps more confusing though is that this is before the dates for both the First Look events that Essential is holding which are going to be happening on August 21st and August 23rd. The name of the event, “First Look,” would seem to signify that this could be the first time people are able to see the device in person, but if you think about it that doesn’t necessarily mean that the First Look events are also supposed to be launch events.

Andy Rubin did say that consumers would find out this week where they could buy the PH-1, and the 21st isn’t until next week, so that information paired with this new image stating the phone is arriving at Sprint this Friday could mean that the unlocked models will launch this Friday as well, which is likely what consumers who are interested in this phone but don’t have Sprint are hoping for. Since this is as close to a confirmation as possible without Andy Rubin officially mentioning the launch date, the only unknowns that are left is who else besides Sprint will be selling the phone if anyone, as well as what it will cost from Sprint and any other retailers who might carry it. Also unknown is if Sprint will be carrying any other colors other than Black. The Black model is visible in the image, and the color matches up with Sprint’s own branding, but the device is also coming in White, and two other colors. Worth mentioning here is that the White and Black were to be the only available color options to start with, so perhaps Sprint will carry the White model as well, and perhaps not, but those details should become clear in just a few days.