Sponsored Game Review: MagicPuzzlePro


There are tons of different game types on Android, a genre to suit just about everyone's tastes, and if you're a fan of the puzzle game genre then there are more than enough to get you by. That being said not all puzzle games on the platform have a challenging play style, even though they're designed to have one. MagicPuzzlePro is not one of those games. It provides a good level of challenge and at the same time offers different levels of difficulty from beginner to master, so no matter what your level of skill when it comes to solving puzzles, it's highly likely that this game will give you what you need in terms of being able to keep you interested and feeling challenged. Let's take a closer look at MagicPuzzlePro and see what it has to offer as well as how it stacks up.


Before you can get started with solving puzzles, you will first need to head to the Play Store and download then install MagicPuzzlePro.


When you open MagicPuzzlePro for the first time, and really every time after the first time, you'll be taken immediately to the home screen as you would in any other game. Here you'll find nine different puzzles to choose from each with their own level of difficulty. All the puzzles are twisty type puzzles which means they'll revolve around twisting certain parts of the 3D shape.

Once you choose a puzzle and open it, you'll need to solve the puzzle and get all sides to be matching not too unlike a rubix cube. In fact, if you're familiar with rubix cubes and you have tried solving them before, these should feel quite at home.


No matter which puzzle you choose from the main screen, there will be an option to change the colors of each side of the 3D shape. You have the full color spectrum here, and it's easy enough to find the color you want just by dragging your finger down one of the bars of the color spectrum to first get a more pinpointed range of colors, then secondly by picking from that range in the cube to the right. It's also possible to change each side of the puzzle to a picture for "unique" puzzles, and there's an option to change the background to either light or dark.


Each of the different puzzles inside the game can be set to a varied number of surfaces per side. For example, the classic puzzle which is simply called cube, can be set to a 2 x 2 x 2 cube, or all the way up to a 20 x 20 x 20 cube if you want something with more of a challenge.

There is also a puzzle type called Unique Movie Cube, which offers up one of the most difficult experiences of all the puzzle types in the game due its use of moving images for each tile. While there are already images being used for each side of the cube, it's also possible to use your own images here. Right after selecting Unique Movie Cube as your puzzle and before selecting the level of challenge you want, there will be a picture icon in the top right corner and if you press this, you can select your own images from your gallery to use for each side of the cube.


If you're finding a puzzle to be particularly difficult or if you simply get stuck, it's possible to zoom in on any of the sides to get a better perspective of things if you think this might assist you in moving past the hump. If you think or know that you've messed up at any stage, or if you just want to start over from scratch, each puzzle offers an "undo" option that will bring you back to the starting point to begin the puzzle anew.

Whether you simply have a competitive spirit and you just like the challenge others, or you aren't being challenged enough with the difficulty levels that the game is providing, the game offers leaderboards for each puzzle type, which might be able to offer up a new level of challenge by tasking you with trying to beat other people's high scores. Additionally, there is also a high score screen so you can see high scores for a specific puzzle type.


Interestingly, the game offers a couple of options which cater to the speed of the animations for when you're twisting around portions of the shape. There's an option to disable or enable Adaptive Animation which modifies the rotation based on the gesture speed, and additionally there's an option for animation speed control, with five different levels of speed. For the most part, MagicPuzzlePro is a great game for those that love puzzles and more difficult games. Though there are some beginner level puzzles to be had here for those who may just be getting started with game types in this genre, there are also quite a few challenging ones that will be able to stump even the most skilled players.


  • Speed (5/5) – Game opens up quick and runs pretty smoothly.
  • Features (5/5) – Though there actually isn't a massive list of features, there are plenty of puzzles which are more or less features.
  • Theme (4/5) – The game is easy enough to navigate but also has a little bit more of a simple user interface.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – Great puzzle game with plenty of challenging moments.


  • Quite a few different puzzles
  • option to change colors of each side of each puzzle shape
  • Puzzles can be configured with different numbers of blocks per side
  • Leaderboards
  • High score screen
  • animation speed adjustment options


  • A tutorial or tips could be a useful addition to the game so players can become more easily acquainted with what to do

Whether you're a beginner or an expert when it comes to puzzles, MagicPuzzlePro has something for you. If you're particularly a fan of rubix cubes, then you should love this game as it feels a lot like solving a rubix cube, though with plenty of improvements like the ability to change out colors and change the number of blocks per side. Overall MagicPuzzlePro is a pretty decent game and it's perfect for anyone who likes playing games which require a certain level of thinking to complete each section. Plus, the game is free so you can't go wrong there. If you like puzzle games, give MagicPuzzlePro a shot and see if it can't stump you.