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With it being back to school season right now, Speck has announced a slew of new backpacks that are available in different sizes with different use-cases. Speck has sent over the Ruck backpack, which is described as a "Stylish laptop backpack with 9 organizational pockets". Now this backpack is somewhat small compared to the one I normally use for traveling to events and such, but it does still have enough room to fit everything. We've been using it for a few weeks now, and let's talk about how good, or perhaps how bad it is.

The Ruck comes in two colors. There's Khaki and then Charcoal Gray. The model that we have here in our hands is the Charcoal Gray color, which looks really nice actually. The shoulder straps are quite wide, but something I was a bit worried about was how thin they were. When you have a lot of stuff in your backpack, having thicker straps is definitely good as it gives your shoulders a bit more cushion. But it was comfortable to carry around when traveling.


Inside the Ruck there are really just two big sections. The first big section is where you'll put your laptop, tablet and other bigger electronics. There is a laptop or tablet pocket in the back, which has quite a bit of padding, so it'll keep your laptop or tablet protected when you're traveling. There's also some extra space in that pocket for you to add other things, perhaps a charger or a camera and such. The outer pocket is where you'll find a ton of other pockets to stash things. There's a zipper pocket that can be used to stash some cables, perhaps some USB-C cables or even micro USB and headphones. There are also some slots for hiding some pens. While most people don't use these anymore, it's still good to have one or two available. And then there is some open space there for putting other things. Maybe some clothes or books.

Finally, around the front, there is a small, but deep pocket that you can use for putting some stuff in there, maybe a notebook for class. And then a smaller pocket towards the top, that would likely be good for a pair of earbuds, but not a full-sized headphone. This backpack has plenty of spaces to keep your tech without worrying about it getting damaged, as it does have plenty of cushion for protecting it. Which makes it a great backpack for not only those that are in school – may be heading off to college – but also those that do a lot of traveling. Now one thing we did not talk about is how long this will last you. My current backpack – before using the Ruck – was a Swissgear backpack that lasted me nearly 10 years, and it's still in pretty good shape actually. Which is pretty impressive, but it is also twice to three times the price of the Speck Ruck here. Now it's basically impossible to test how well this backpack would hold up after everyday use for around a year or two. But it does look like it should hold up quite well.


Now let's talk about price real quick. Backpacks can start as low as around $20, but they can also go all the way up to around $200 (not to mention that speaker backpack that was closer to $1300). This backpack from Ruck is right around $49.99 (Speck's website has it for 25% off for its back to school sale right now, for a limited time). That is actually a pretty good price for what you're getting here. Which is a pretty good looking backpack that screams quality, and also has plenty of room for all of your necessities. Speck does offer a 3-year warranty on this backpack, which is quite good, and also about what you'd get from other companies like Timbuk2 and Swissgear.

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