Seven More Chromebooks Get Updated To Android 7.1.1 Nougat

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Seven Chromebooks are now receiving an update that will install Android 7.1.1 Nougat. However, only three of these computers will receive the update on the stable channel. These devices are the Lenovo Chromebook Flex 11, the Samsung Chromebook Pro, and the Acer Chromebook R 13. As the software upgrade is released through the stable channel, practically all units of the three devices will now have access to the Google Play Store and to other features incorporated in the operating system. Four other devices, on the other hand, will obtain the software upgrade through the beta channel, including the Google Chromebook Pixel (2015), the Acer Chromebook 14, the Dell Chromebook 13, and the Samsung Chromebook Plus. People whose computers are on the beta channel may now install the software package, but it is important to point out that there may still be a few bugs and other software flaws that may affect the user experience.

Once the update gets installed on the Chromebook, a user user will be able to experience the feature that Android 7.1.1 Nougat brings to the table. Among them is the Resizable Windows feature, which allows the individual to change the size of Android apps running on the desktop. This is similar to how browsers are resized in ChromeOS. In addition, the update should bring support for several important APIs and access to the Google Play Store.

The system itself will download the update, and ask you whether you’d like to install it, although it may take several days before the rollout is complete. The only part that the user will intervene is when the computer has to be restarted to complete the installation process. However, the new OS version can also be retrieved manually by going to the About Chrome OS section of the settings and clicking on the “Check for Updates” option. After the new package is integrated into the operating system, device owners may proceed to the settings to enable the Google Play Store. Several splash screens will appear that will provide instructions on how to activate the access to Android apps. For the devices which received Android Nougat through the beta channel, it is likely that a similar package that will be deployed soon on the laptop’s stable channel.