Samsung/Speedo Deal Intros Swim Tracking To New Gear Devices

Gear Fit2 Pro main1 e1504126423660

Samsung’s Speedo deal is introducing swim tracking features to its new Gear devices – the Gear Fit2 Pro and the Gear Sport, which are Samsung new fitness tracker and smartwatch. The swim tracking features will come by way of Speedo’s swim platform service called Speedo On, which will allow swimmers to track a range of different details like how many laps they’ve swam, how many strokes they had during their swim session, and even how long each lap was. When it comes down to it, this will likely be an invaluable tool for serious swimmers who are adamant about improving their stats.

The Speedo On app will pre-installed on both the Gear Fit2 Pro and the Gear Sport, which is perfect since both wearables come with a 5ATM rating making it possible to immerse them in water at up to 50 meters, meaning they’re both perfect for taking a swim with. While Speedo On will track and store all of the recorded data from your swim sessions, the app is also compatible with Samsung Health so you can share the recorded data with Samsung Health if you want it on that platform in addition to Speedo On. What’s more is that you can also see your data in the Speedo On web platform as well, so you can keep up with all of the stats both at home and on the go with little effort.

Like many fitness-related platforms Speedo On offers a social element so users can share achievements with each other which could be great for motivation. It’s also possible to follow other swimmers and there will be challenges that users can participate in from time to time, which again, could be great for motivating users to improve their stats and give them another goal to strive for. While both new wearables from Samsung will be excellent tools for swimmers, they’ll do more than just track swim stats, and will also be great for tracking all kinds of other exercises like running, cycling, and more, and you’ll be able to use them to monitor sleep as well as use them for silent alarms.