Samsung Spills The Beans On An Upcoming Fitness Smartwatch

Samsung Gear Fit2 AH NS buttons

According to a recent email sent by Samsung to members of its SmartLab Plus online research community, the company is currently working on a new wearable device that appears to blur the line between smartwatches and fitness trackers. The email asks SmartLab Plus members to provide feedback in regards to taglines that may be used to promote the upcoming wearable device and includes a few interesting details as to what the product will have to offer.

One of the phrases used by Samsung to define the upcoming wearable device claims that “the new product concept takes the best bits from Gear S3 and Gear Fit2,” the former being a fully-fledged smartwatch whereas the latter is first and foremost a fitness tracker. However, as far as the exterior design is concerned, Samsung also adds that the new product will take the form “of a smartwatch rather than an activity tracker,” featuring a smaller body connected to thinner and replaceable wrist straps. The email further adds that the wearable device will feature “a revised user interface” which further confirms the presence of a display, and mentions that the UI will deliver improved widgets designed to provide glanceable information including fitness-related data like the progress towards a specific goal. And speaking of fitness tracking, the upcoming wearable will apparently offer a wide variety of fitness options like weight/calorie management, activity tracking, and coaching. It also boasts a high degree of water resistance to the point where it is swim proof, and this will apparently facilitate additional fitness tracking options including swimming.

Lastly, the wearable will apparently be capable of delivering smart inactivity alerts, reminding users to stay active while on a flight or to take a break while driving. But despite the fact that the wearable will offer a wide variety of fitness-related functions and features, Samsung claims that the product is designed to be worn by users all day “from work to the gym,” and this is where it will apparently close the gap between devices like the Samsung Gear S3 and Gear Fit2. It remains to be seen in which of the two aforementioned wearable series the product will fit, but it is worth noting that Samsung recently pushed the alleged Gear Fit Pro through the FCC, where the product has been identified by the model number “SM-R365.”