Samsung Shows Off Galaxy Note 8's New Features


Samsung devices can always be depended on to bring on new and exciting features with each new iteration, and the Galaxy Note 8 has so many that Samsung decided to dedicate a page to them, along with four videos showing off new features with the camera, S Pen, hardware design, and system software. Samsung's newest flagship device is the first in the Galaxy Note series to feature the Infinity Display adopted with the Galaxy S8 lineup, and is also the first in the family to have Bixby, dual cameras, and the ability to connect to the Samsung DeX Dock.

The first major revamp on the menu is the S Pen. The Air Command feature from previous iterations is now a bit easier to use, for starters, and the pen also allows you to doodle on any picture on the device, and write Live Messages to text messaging contacts, which will come to them as a GIF file showing an animation made from your handwriting. Users can also write up to 100 pages of notes while the screen is off, and hover the S Pen to translate text. Finally, the PENUP app comes with a coloring book that shows off the S Pen's creative chops. With the tip of the S Pen being the thinnest and most pressure-sensitive it's ever been, all of this can be done with more precision than ever. The dual cameras are next in the spotlight, and feature 2X optical zoom, another first in the series, along with 10X digital zoom. Live focus allows better shots of changing subjects, and Live Stickers give users the ability to pin moving objects to their subjects, much like Snapchat filters.

The new Infinity display on the Galaxy Note 8 not only gives more screen real estate, but features the Mobile HDR Premium certification, which means that users can see premium content as its creators intended. Multitasking has been enhanced by the addition of a new feature called App Pair, which allows users to assign a shortcut within the S Pen menu that will launch two apps in dual window mode. With the screen having the same 18:9 aspect ratio as the Galaxy S8 and being 6.3 inches, using two apps at once, with or without the S Pen, will be the easiest it's ever been on a Samsung phone.



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