Samsung Gives In-Depth Look At The Note 8's Dual Cameras


Following the initial reveal of Samsung's new Galaxy Note 8, the company has now released even more information regarding what makes the flagship's camera so unique. First up, and as earlier reports have already mentioned, the camera included on the Galaxy Note 8 will feature dual optical image stabilization (OIS). While we already know that should result in much cleaner photos regardless of whether the user has zoomed in or not, the latest information reveals that all comes down to the inclusion of OIS on both the wide-angle lens and the telephoto lens.

Both of those lenses also capture images at 12 megapixels but Samsung says they serve very different, albeit complementary, purposes. Because of that, they need to capture light differently. So, the wide-angle lens uses Dual Pixel technology, through a faster F1.7 aperture, while the telephoto lens, and its F2.4 aperture, is used to pinpoint focal points for the image. The slower aperture allows for more light intake and, by proxy, better low light shots. The camera's software then combines the images taken separately by the cameras to create a more vibrant and clear image. In addition to providing better low-light shots, the dual cameras also pave the way a feature Samsung calls "Live Focus." Live focus allows users to adjust the background blur effect in real time after image after the photo has already been taken.

Beyond that, combining the separate images taken by each lens allows for a full 2x optical zoom, without losing detail thanks to the extra area captured by the wide angle lens. Samsung takes things a step further and says that because the two cameras are operating independently but both have OIS built in, the Galaxy Note 8 is capable of taking "crisp and clear" images even when its users need to zoom all the way into its 10x digital maximum. In addition to the rear-facing main cameras, Samsung's latest flagship phablet also includes what Samsung calls an "industry leading"  8-megapixel, F1.7 aperture selfie camera. The front camera is also armed with Smart Auto Focus, to keep track subjects' faces, keeping them as clear as possible in the resulting images.


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