Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Now Available For Pre-Order At $199

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro 2

The Gear Fit2 Pro is a slightly upgraded fitness tracker from Samsung, which the company announced yesterday – and now it is up for pre-order at a number of retailers. The Gear Fit2 Pro is going to be priced at $199, which is a pretty big jump from the Gear Fit2, that was just $129. Many may not think that it is a big upgrade over the original Gear Fit2, but those that are serious runners, will enjoy the fact that it has advanced built-in GPS, for tracking your runs and it can sync with apps like MapMyRun among others.

Samsung is offering up a nice promotion for those that pre-order the Gear Fit2 Pro from participating retailers (which should actually be all those that are doing pre-orders for the Gear Fit2 Pro). Samsung will be giving out a free pair of its U Flex Wireless Headphones. These are great for taking on a run with you, since they are the neckband style headphones, and do offer some great sound quality. The Gear Fit2 Pro does have storage for saving music offline, so that you can take these U Flex Wireless Headphones with you and leave your phone at home for your run and still listen to your tunes.

While pre-orders for the Gear Fit2 Pro open today, they won’t be shipping until September 15th, when it officially launches. On September 25th, it’ll also make its way to a couple carriers, including Sprint and US Cellular. It’s unclear whether they will offer the Gear Fit2 Pro on an equipment installment plan just yet  – something that T-Mobile does for its accessories and other gadgets it sells. The Gear Fit2 Pro sports a 1.5-inch curved Super AMOLED display, powered by a dual-core 1.0GHz processor along with 512MB of RAM and then 4GB of storage for storing music and such offline. It is waterproof, and it allows you to track your swimming – and with the new Speedo On app, you can track all kinds of metrics about your swimming. At this point, the Gear Sport and Gear IconX 2018 do not have release dates nor pricing details.

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