Report: Xiaomi To Sell 25-30 Million Smartphones In Q3 2017

AH 2015 Xiaomi LOGO Chris Sept 21

One of China’s largest smartphone OEMs, Xiaomi, has enjoyed really good sales thus far this year, and according to the information provided by Digitimes, the same will happen in Q3 2017 as well. According to an industry estimate, Xiaomi will ship somewhere between 25 and 30 million smartphones in the third quarter of this year, as the company did launch several smartphone models in the last couple of months, and some of them are in high demand.

Industry sources are saying that Xiaomi is able to compete with companies like OPPO and Vivo, as their devices are extremely price-competitive. The source has singled out the Xiaomi Mi 5X and Redmi Note 5A handsets which Xiaomi introduced recently, both of which are mid-range devices, but are extremely affordable, and initial sales have been great for the company, at least for the Xiaomi Mi 5X, as the Redmi Note 5A launched 4 days ago, but the demand for that device is quite high as well, which is not that surprising considering that this phone costs only 699 Yuan ($105) in China. Now, these two phones are currently in high demand, but the company’s Mi 6 and Mi Max 2 devices which launched earlier this year are still selling well, it seems, which will result in a really good quarter for Xiaomi, in terms of finances.

Xiaomi actually managed to combine two really good quarters this year, and if the third one ends up being as successful for the company, Xiaomi will come one step closer to selling over 100 million devices this year. That will be quite a few for them, as 2016 was not that successful, at all, according to reports, Xiaomi managed to sell around 60 million units. It’s also worth noting that the company managed to ship 23.2 million smartphones last quarter, which was a 58 percent increase compared to a year before that, at least according to info that was provided by Strategy Analytics a while back. It remains to be seen what will happen by the end of 2017, but things are looking good for Xiaomi, though its competitors in China, including Huawei, OPPO and Vivo, are also doing good in terms of sales.