Report: New ‘Google-Backed’ Android TV Player On The Way

Android O Android TV DP3 01

It seems a new Android TV player is set to become available soon, according to a new report out of Cord Cutters News. The information provided here specifically notes that this is a device that is in some way affiliated with Google. That is, beyond all Android TV devices coming running on Google’s Android TV platform. So the suggestion being made here is that this is either a ‘Pixel Player’ or more likely, a follow up device to the Xiaomi Mi Box.

To be clear, the report is not stating that a Mi Box 2 is coming but instead that a new Android TV device is on the way that is representative of the arrangement Google had with Xiaomi over the Mi Box. So while this might not come to market as a Pixel-branded Android TV device, it is understood that the device will be the direct result of Google and a third-party manufacturer working together on the device. Another example is the Nexus Player which although was a Google-affiliated product, was an Android TV device manufactured by ASUS. Which on the speculation front, could mean that ASUS and Google have partnered up again to release a new version of the Nexus Player.

While the report details that none of this information is confirmed (as it is said to be based on “several sources”), there is the expectation that the device will be launched this fall. Which does marry well with when Google is expected to unveil its latest Pixel smartphones, and any other hardware the company has in store. By comparison, although the Mi Box was officially launched at Google I/O (much earlier in the year), it did not hit the market until the fall and around the time when Google held its October 4 event in 2016. So there is good reason to suggest that a Google-backed Android TV player would be unveiled at the same event this year. Unfortunately, besides the suggestion that the Android TV player is en route, there are no details being provided as to what the device is, or what it will offer. With the exception that it will come running with the latest version of Android – which by then will be Android O.