Report: Amazon Preparing To Sell Event Tickets In The US


Amazon is preparing to use its already established user base to enter and take advantage of a gap in the event ticketing market, according to a new report out of Reuters, which in turn credits "four sources" for the information. According to the details, Amazon is intent on entering the event ticket space and carving out some of the market for itself, by taking on the likes of Ticketmaster. Who, the report details Amazon had previously tried to strike a deal with, until reported differences over customer data ended the talks prematurely.

Besides event ticketing being an established and still-growing business, it seems Amazon sees the market as 'ripe' for a new player, and not just at the consumer level, but also at the event provider level. As consumers are increasingly less keen on going through current services which add-on additional fees, while at the same time, it is said that venue owners are keen to establish wider avenues of distribution. While the details on this are still limited, the suggestion is that Amazon is looking at the event ticket sector as an industry-wide opportunity, meaning Amazon may start offering tickets to all sorts of events, including music events, sports events, and just about anything else a ticket is needed for.

Of course, Amazon entering a new market is not a new thing as this is a company that seems to be in a constant state of flux when it comes to direction. With Amazon constantly looking at multiple different avenues in which it can expand its services and reach. A prime example being its recent acquisition of Whole Foods, which adds to the company's growing list of food service options, such as food deliveries, and restaurant bookings. There is also the suggestion here that Amazon may make use of any ticketing ambitions to try and bolster the company's Prime services. Whether this means that Prime members will be able to secure tickets at a lower price, or gain 'premium' perks at events, remains to be seen. Although such instances do remain distinct possibilities. In either case, the present report specifies that the current talks are directly related to the US and the US alone. So there is no suggestion at the moment that Amazon plans to sell tickets to events outside of the US.

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