Report: Amazon Echo Devices To Gain Multi-Room Audio Support


Amazon Echo devices are due to receive multi-room support as part of a future update, according to a new report out of Caschys. The report does not provide much to support the statement but does say that the feature has been confirmed and is on the way. In fact, the report goes on to state that the technology is largely now fully developed and working as expected following a testing period. With the suggestion being that Amazon could 'flick the switch' at any point and enable devices with the feature by way of an update.

As for the feature, this is one of those which although simple in nature, has the ability to greatly increase the impact of Amazon Echo devices, and especially for those who have more than one device. As the feature will essentially allow Amazon Echo owners to send an audio streaming signal to multiple Amazon Echo devices at the same time. Thereby, all devices within one location playing back the same track, at the same time. As an interesting caveat, the report also states that users will be able to sub-define groups where certain units can be allocated. This would not only allow multiple Amazon Echo device to receive the same signal, but also the user to decide which of those multiple units receives the signal at any one time. A prime example being if you have ten Amazon Echo devices dotted around the home, and four in the one room – then you could just activate the four in the one room, instead of all ten.

While this will be a useful feature to Amazon Echo device owners, it is by no means a new feature. Google's version of the same products (Home and Chromecast) both already come with multi-room support. In fact, pretty much most third-party Bluetooth speakers that also come with Google Cast (aka Chromecast built-in) support, are also able to make use of the same feature, and be combined with other-like speakers for a rounder and deeper audio output. So while this is not an exclusive feature for Amazon's Echo line of devices, it very well could prove to be an additional motivator for Echo device owners to buy additional Echo devices.

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