A Prototype Of The RED Hydrogen One Gets Hands-On Treatment

Red Hydrogen One 01

A prototype of the RED Hydrogen One phone has received the hands-on treatment in a new video. Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) who is a well-known tech enthusiast and reviewer of all things tech was able to sit down with someone from RED to get a closer look at the upcoming device, and as one would expect the phone looks jut like it does in the teaser image that was shared of the phone during the initial announcement that RED was making this device.

While you don’t actually get to see the phone powered on or any of its features working, you do get a much clearer picture of the phone and are able to see the prototype from all sides. It was stated in the hands-on video that RED was planning on moving the 3.5mm audio jack to the top of the phone instead of having it on the bottom next to the USB Type-C charging port, but it’s now being stated that the company will keep the headphone port where it is. It’s also reportedly been confirmed that the device will in fact come with a 5.7-inch display as earlier rumored, and since you get to see the phone from the front you get to see the dual speakers that sit below the display.

While the initial announcement did mention that the phone would come in an Aluminum and Titanium version, it wasn’t mentioned which parts of the phone would be metal. As of today that’s been cleared up. The middle part on the back of the phone will be made of either the Aluminum or Titanium depending on which model you pick up, while the top and bottom panels above and below the metal section will be made of kevlar. The video also more clearly reveals all of the phone’s buttons. Nestled in with the grips on the side of the phone for holding you can see the volume up and down buttons as well as the power button, and a dedicated button for activating the video recording function which is suspected to also work for standard photos. At the end of the video you get to see what the phone looks like with some of the mods attached which RED is planning on launching with the phone for users that want to turn this device into a fully-fledged pocket camera, some of which was detailed by a patent for the phone that surfaced last month. If you’ve had any interest in this phone since its announcement, give the video below a watch.