Plex Live TV Support Expands To Android Phones


Plex has today announced that support for its Live TV service has now been expanded to include Android. Resulting in a significant number of mobile and tablet users now able to take part in what is a significant feature-addition to the Plex ecosystem. Live TV support was first announced by Plex at the start of June, although at the time the feature was only available to a select number of platforms, such as Android TV. Plex did confirm however, that it did have plans to eventually expand the feature to additional platforms including Android mobile. Which is exactly what Plex has now confirmed in today's announcement. As a result, Android device owners with the Plex app installed should see the update with support for Plex Live TV arriving in due course.

Following the arrival of that update, Android smartphone and tablet users now have the ability to watch and record local live TV content through their devices. However, a Plex Pass is needed to make use of these features, with prices for Plex Pass starting at $4.99 per month. As well as the other additional hardware that is needed to make the service work as intended. As for Live TV in general, Plex has also today confirmed that not only is the feature officially now out of beta, but it also now includes the ability to time-shift. So in addition to being able to play and record, users will now also be able to pause, rewind and fast forward content. Effectively, Plex users will now have full control over local live TV content through their Android mobile devices, as well as Android TV devices.

While today's announcement largely focuses on Plex Live TV support expanding to Android mobile, the announcement also does detail that updates for other platforms (such as Roku, Amazon's Fire TV, Smart TVs in general, as well as the Plex Web App) are in the works and will be coming through soon. Although no firm details were provided during today's announcement on when those platform updates will come. With Plex simply stating that updates to those platform apps are next in line.


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