OxygenOS 4.5.8 Hits OnePlus 5 After 4.5.7 Build Is Pulled

oneplus 5 ah ns 51 capacitive buttons

The OnePlus 5 is starting to receive a new update that bumps up the OxygenOS version to 4.5.8, complete with new features, improvements to the phone’s performance, and fixes for gaming stuttering and battery drain issues that were discovered in the recent OxygenOS release. The previous OxygenOS update (version 4.5.7) started hitting the OnePlus 5 over the air three days ago, but shortly after, many users started reporting several issues that had plagued the device, including a stuttering performance while playing various games major battery drains. The issues were soon acknowledged by a OnePlus community specialist who confirmed that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer had put the OxygenOS 4.5.7 rollout on hold while promising that a fix was in the works.

The Shenzhen, Guangdong-based original equipment manufacturer has now made good on that promise, delivering a couple of patches for those bugs, as well as other recent issues with the OnePlus 5 including intermittent sound leaks that you could hear from the speakers while listening to music using earphones. OxygenOS 4.5.8 also resolves the camera shutter sound issue that was affecting Indian users while the phone was in silent mode. In addition to those bug fixes, the latest version of OxygenOS introduces the OnePlus Slate font, which complements the default Google Roboto font, and the Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) designed to address the required computing power when recording 4K videos.

On the security side of things, the new OxygenOS release updates the OnePlus 5’s Android security patch level to the one dated July 1. Finally, the update adds improvements to the phone’s Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities and battery life when in a standby mode. OnePlus has been quick to address issues and bugs that affected the OnePlus 5 in recent weeks. Last month, the company confirmed that it had quickly resolved a major bug that caused the phone to reboot when a user would try to make emergency calls on VoLTE networks. Around the same time, the firm also announced a fix to the audio recording issue with both the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 3T. The latest OxygenOS version is 310MB in size and should be available for download in the coming days.