OVC H15 Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review


OVC Audio has just come out with a new pair of earbuds which are active noise cancelling. It's a bit interesting to see that OVC has come out with a pair of earbuds that are not wireless here, but in fact use a 3.5mm headphone jack. It's surprising since most smartphone moving towards removing that headphone jack, forcing more customers to pick up a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. But there are still plenty of smartphones that the OVC H15's will work great with, including the Galaxy Note 8.

Now in the box with the OVC H15 headphones you do get a micro USB charging cable. This is to charge the headphones since they are active noise cancelling, it does have a battery inside which can last about 60 hours. OVC does include an airline adapter, as well as two sets of Ultra-soft ear tips, a travel pouch and of course a user manual. The unboxing experience is actually pretty nice, and one thing I was really impressed by, with these headphones, is that they are using braided cables here. Now that doesn't keep them from getting tangled, but it does make them rugged. Meaning that if you have kids around, and they are trying to get your attention and pull them from your ears, or they get stuck on something, they won't rip apart.


The cable on these headphones are actually fairly long. I was able to put them in my ears and have my phone in my pocket while using the OVC H15's and still have plenty of cable available. Which is really nice, especially if maybe you are sitting far away from the headphone jack. Now there is a "box" towards the end of the headphones. This is where the active noise cancelling is handled. Simply press that button, and you'll start up the active noise cancelling, which it does a great job with. It works really well on a plane as well, for those times when you want to watch a movie on a flight, and perhaps want to forget that you are on a flight, the H15's will be able to keep the noise of the plane out of your ears. Now the H15's work well with drowning out sound without turning on ANC as well, and thats because it does fill your entire ear. And on the side, you'll find a micro USB port for charging the headphones. Which should only take about an hour or so, at least in our testing.

Speaking of how these fit in your ears, they fit very comfortably actually. I didn't swap out the ear tips, as the ones already on the H15's worked fine for my ears. But like most headphones, you do have different sizes available, and that's because not everyone has the same size ears. They feel good in the ear, and you don't have to worry about them falling out, so they are good for running, however we need to point out that these are not sweat-proof headphones and are not made specifically for working out and such.


As far as sound quality goes, the OVC H15's sound great. The lows are nice and bassy and there is even a bass enhancer included here which the switch is found on the side of the microphone and play/pause, skip/back buttons of the headphones. With the bass enhancer, songs that have heavy bass are going to sound incredible in your ears. The mids and highs sound pretty good as well, but if you turn on active noise cancelling, you'll notice the highs start to cut out a bit. It's not a big deal, and most people likely won't even notice, but it is worth mentioning. Overall, the audio quality is pretty good, with it being well balanced across the different frequencies.

The OVC H15 earbuds are a great pair of earbuds to pick up, especially if you are still using a 3.5mm headphone jack on the regular. Surprisingly, these are under $50, and for that price, these are a damn good pair to pick up. You can find them at Amazon right now, for just $44.99, and it's definitely worth grabbing if you need a new pair of headphones.

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