OUKITEL K10000 Max 5 Minute Charge Results In 2 Hours Call Time


The OUKITEL K10000 Max is a smartphone which looks to offer extended levels of battery life. After all, this is a smartphone that comes loaded with a 10,000 mAh battery. However, with a battery so big, charging times are where the real challenge is going to be. Due to this, OUKITEL made sure the K10000 Max features fast charging capabilities, as well as including a 9V/2A charger to further help facilitate more rapid charging speeds.

On that note, OUKITEL has now released a new video which not only looks to highlight the charging speed on offer, but also what you can get in return for that charging speed. While it should be expected that a full charge to the 10,000 mAh capacity battery would lead to decent returns in battery life, this video looks to highlight what sort of battery return you can get with a quick charge. In fact, a five minute charge. The result of which is that the K10000 Max is able to maintain a 3G call for a little over two hours. To put this further into perspective, the battery before the five minute charge was at 1-percent and had only risen to 5-percent following the brief charge time. Highlighting that the software has been well optimized to ensure that even when at a critical battery life level, the phone will be able to maintain operational for as long as possible.

Such a big battery is likely going to appeal to those who are more of an outdoors type of person, due to the lessened need for the device to be connected to a wall socket. Which is in fact one of the demographics OUKITEL is directly aiming the K10000 Max towards. As in addition to the 10,000 mAh battery, the K10000 Max also comes loaded with an extremely durable build quality, resulting in a tri-proof level of protection. In short, a phone that is build to last, and one that is built to last longer between charges. Although the K10000 Max has yet to become available to buy, OUKITEL has confirmed that it will become available to pre-order in the early part of September. In fact, some retailers have already made their listings live in preparation for that launch.

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