OnePlus Launches Student Program With An Exclusive Discount

OnePlus 5 AH NS 34 cases

OnePlus is giving a back-to-school gift to students in over ten countries and has launched a special offer over at its official website. Eligible college and university students can therefore register, providing a form of verification of their scholarship status, and will be granted a coupon valid during the current year. Once the coupon is redeemed, the student will have just one month to use it for purchasing the OnePlus 5 or any number of available accessories and will receive a 10 percent discount (shipping is charged separately). The coupon is valid for only one order and is bound to the user’s account. It also can’t be reissued once expired or used, so the customer will have to wait for another school year to request another coupon.

Students looking to upgrade their phone to OnePlus 5 and use this special discount will first need to create an account or login at Student Beans, a coupon aggregator platform that’s specialized in providing students with numerous discounts on food, tech, clothes and more. Once the Student Beans account is set up and verified, access to Student Program will open up, allowing the user to apply for their unique OnePlus coupon. Then, the coupon can be redeemed as previously mentioned and the user can place an order. The company has set a limit to the number of devices a student can order, though, so the order may only contain a single OnePlus 5 device. As for the accessories like bags, cases, chargers and t-shirts, there is no limit to how many of these items one student can place in one order, with or without their new phone.

The final caveat is that the Student Program is limited to a selection of American and European countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and France, excluding the Asian market. The full list of eligible countries can be found at the official FAQ on the OnePlus Student Program page. The OnePlus 5 has recently launched in over 30 countries and is becoming a popular gadget among the young consumers that are on a budget. OnePlus is more than aware of the phone’s appeal to college students and it already has plans to make this offer an annual event.