NVIDIA Reports $2.23B Revenue In Q2 2017


NVIDIA's second quarter results for the year are in, and the GPU giant has improved its quarterly revenue 56% year on year, landing at a figure of $2.23 billion for this quarter. Other highlights included a 124% year on year increase in earnings per share for a new figure of $.92, which also represents a 16% quarterly growth from $.79 last quarter. With operating expenses of $614 million, operating income of $688 million, and net income of $583 million, this all comes together to show a gross margin of 58.4%. These figures are all slightly adjusted to follow generally accepted accounting practices, though NVIDIA also included unadjusted figures in a separate table on its report.

When it comes to return on investment for those who have thrown some money NVIDIA's way, the company is planning its next payout for September 18, when all shareholders that were on the records as of August 24 will be getting $.14 per share. During the first half of this year so far, NVIDIA bought back $758 million worth of shares and paid out $166 million in dividends, for a total payout to shareholders of $924 million. The company plans to pay out $1.25 billion in total by the end of this year, between share repurchases and cash dividends. This quarter saw the release of the Max-Q design for thinner, quieter gaming laptops, NVIDIA partnering up with Volkswagen and Baidu, among others, and saw the announcement of Project Holodeck, a VR collaboration environment made for high-spec software and hardware testing and the creation of assets and content using those. The quarter was helped along by increased sales of NVIDIA's flagship TITAN X and Quadro GPU lineups due to the release of support tools to help notebook owners use them in external GPU setups, and it's no secret that the boom in cryptocurrency mining, for which NVIDIA's GPUs are widely regarded as the best, helped to drive up demand, as evidenced by rising prices in the past few months.

NVIDIA's projected outlook for the third quarter paints it as looking a lot like this one, but just a bit higher in some regards. The revenue, for example, is expected to be $2.35 billion. The outlook for operating expenses is sitting at $672 million for now, while "other" expenses are expected to total $2 million, with income of a similar vein factored in. Capital expenditure for the quarter is projected to fall between $65 million and $75 million.


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