Nokia Released Five Video Ads For Its New Nokia 8 Flagship

August 17, 2017 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Following the announcement of the Nokia 8 flagship, the company has released a couple of promo videos on its official Nokia Mobile YouTube channel. All of these promo videos are Nokia 8-related, of course, and we’re looking at five separate videos here. You can check out all of these promo clips if you want, as all of them are embedded below this article. Having said that, the first, and main, promo video is actually introducing the Nokia 8, that’s also the name of this ad. This video essentially gives you a good look at the design of the Nokia 8, while it also emphasizes a couple of its main features. Nokia is putting a huge focus on the camera in this video, and also the phone’s ‘Nokia OZO’ audio, that is actually more or less it as far as this main ad is concerned.

The second ad is called ‘Nokia 8 – Form and Function’, and you’ll be able to see Alasdair Mcphail and Raun Forsyth talk about the design of the Nokia 8 in this video. Both of those people are a part of HMD Global’s Nokia design team, and if you’d like to know more about the design itself, this is the video you should take a look at. The third clip is named ‘Nokia 8 – Inside Tech’, and it focuses on the phone’s camera and its features. The Nokia 8 actually comes with the ‘Dual Sight’ feature, which essentially means that the Nokia 8 can fire up rear-facing cameras, and the phone’s front-facing camera at the same time, and stream their content for you. Nokia actually claims that the Snapdragon 835 is one of the main reasons this is possible, while the company also talks about the cooling pipe and the graphite chip, which are here to ensure that such graphically-intensive tasks don’t affect the Nokia 8’s performance.

The fourth video Nokia released talks about the Nokia OZO Audio which is also a part of the Nokia 8. Nokia compares OZO Audio to regular stereo audio, and OZO Audio definitely takes the cake here. You will basically see a number of comparisons in this video, which should give you a better idea as to how powerful Nokia OZO Audio is. The last video also focuses on the Nokia OZO Audio, though in this video you actually get some behind-the-scenes info about the Nokia OZO Audio.