New Video Details How The Meiigoo S8's 3D Curved Display Is Made


The Meiigoo S8 is an upcoming device from Meiigoo. While it has yet to be released, it has been announced as on the way with Meiigoo confirming some of the aspects on offer with this new smartphone. One of those confirmed aspects is that the Meiigoo S8 comes equipped with 3D curved glass on the front of the device, as well as on the back of the device. Now, Meiigoo has released a new video which looks to detail how the Meiigoo S8's curved display is made.

3D curved glass is not a massively common feature on smartphones and one of the reasons suggested for this is the general difficulty in consistently producing the curved design. For instance, Meiigoo states that 3D curved glass has to go through more than 14 different processes before the final end product is reached. Some of those processes listed by Meiigoo include CNC-cutting, CNC-grinding, polishing, ultrasonic cleanout, and precise polishing on the surface. As well as quality testing, chemical strengthening, the use of GDF technology, and the adding of a coating film. So it stands to reason that some manufacturers may choose to opt out of going through the ordeal of producing 3D curved glass panels if they do not need to. Another one of those processes is the use of heat-bending to help shape the glass. Which is exactly the process that this latest video from Meiigoo focuses in on.

Of course, the inclusion of 3D curved design is only one of the features currently being touted by Meiigoo with its S8 smartphone display. As in addition to its curved design, this is also a display that boasts an 18:9 aspect ratio. Which if nothing else means that it is a display that looks to increase the viewing experience by removing the side bezels and limiting the impact of the top and bottom bezels as much as possible. Unfortunately, when it comes to the specs, nothing has been confirmed as of yet by Meiigoo, although the suggestion is that the Meiigoo S8 will be a high-spec smartphone. In the meantime, those interested in taking a closer look at the Meiigoo S8 3D curved glass manufacturing process can watch the latest promotional video in full below. While those interested in staying informed on the Meiigoo S8, will likely want to stay tuned to Meiigoo's official site.

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