Monument Valley 2 Pre-Registration Now Live On Google Play


Monument Valley 2 is now available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. As a result, those interested in being one of the first to download this title, now have a way to ensure they are kept in the loop on when the game does become available. Speaking of which, although it is now open to pre-registrations, the listing does not provide any indication on when it will become available. Likewise, there is no clear indication as to who much it will cost when it does launch on Android.

It is worth noting that registering for a game on the Google Play Store does not equate to a commitment to buy. It is more of a feature which ensures interested parties will receive a notification when the game does eventually become available. Likewise, those who do register for any title on the Google Play Store, can simply de-register their interest at any time. So if nothing else, this is just a good way to add an upcoming game to your shopping list and be notified when it is out.

As for the game, this is evidently a follow on to the original and award-winning Monument Valley. Which in itself was a title that gained massive popularity and reportedly proved to do very well for the developers in terms of revenue. Monument Valley 2 will be looking to continue that trend and by initial impressions is a game that will offer a very similar experience to the first one. Which largely means this is a puzzle game requiring the player to navigate a geometric structure while manipulating the architecture along the way. Needless to say, while the gameplay and style is similar to the previous version, this newer one does come with improvements to the gameplay, as well as the visuals. It is also worth pointing out that this is not exactly a new game, as it was initially released on iOS back in June of this year. Therefore while this is a new game to Android, it is one that some people will already be familiar with. Those who are not so familiar with this game (or its predecessor), this is a standalone title and so experience with the original is not necessary. Those interested can pre-register through the link below, as well as checking out the original June announcement trailer for Monument Valley 2 below.


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