Mobile Fun Says Note 8 Accessory Sales Higher Than Expected


In spite of previous expectations of a downturn, Mobile Fun is now reporting that sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 accessories are much higher than they were for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 during the same point in its lifecycle. More specifically, the company reports that sales of the accessories are up by no less than 30% over initial sales of accessories for the previous Samsung phablet. That may not seem unusual on the face of it, but the retailer had actually expected something entirely different following that previous Galaxy Note device's now infamous battery problems and bad PR tied to that. For those who don't know, Mobile Fun is arguably the most prominent source for mobile accessories in the U.K. and is used by millions of people both in and outside of the country. The company's popularity of Mobile Fun in conjunction with the unpredicted uptick in sales could point to a bright future for Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, in spite of the negativity brought about by the company's Galaxy Note 7.

Going into further detail, Mobile Fun says that customers are also leaning toward more rugged, protective case options for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, as opposed to the often more sought-after and aesthetically pleasing slim cases. That also includes purchases of higher-cost, high-quality tempered glass screen protectors or any combination of the two. Mobile Fun points out, for example, Olixar-branded Sentinel Case for Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is a popular option since it includes both accessories for a relatively low cost – at £29.99 or $32.49 for the company's U.K. and U.S. site respectively. Mike Hart, a representative from Mobile Fun's marketing department, says that the trend is likely due to the "extremely vulnerable curved display" featured on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and the fact that the display "can be very expensive to replace." Samsung, in the meantime, has done a lot of advertising, touting the durability of its new flagship phablet. With that said, the sentiment shared by Hart still makes sense since the device itself costs around $929 to purchase in the U.S. and £869 in the U.K.

Interestingly enough, the sales figures represented here are from before the device has even officially made it into users' hands, as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is currently only available for Pre-order. Sales could either fall or rise, but are could arguably be more likely to increase further once the device actually available for retail purchase and as users look to protect their investment.

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