Lumion Announces Three Cases For the LG V30


Lumion, formerly Verus and VRS Design, has announced new cases for the LG V30. There are three new cases here, the Huey which is going to retail for $9.99, then the Gardien and the Diamont which are both drop-tested and will be priced at $14.99. All of these cases give the LG V30 a rather unique design, and really makes the V30 stand out.

Starting off with the Huey case, it is a pretty slim case, which means that it'll fit in your pocket quite nicely without making the LG V30 more bulky. The TPU shell of the Huey case makes it so that the case can absorb shock, so if you do happen to drop the LG V30 in the Lumion Huey case, it shouldn't shatter. And that's the whole purpose of picking up a case for your LG V30 anyways, is to keep it intact. Since it does use TPU material, it stays nice and lightweight. Lumion is only offering the Huey case in black right now, of course that could change in the future.

Next up is the Diamont case for the LG V30, this is a dual-layer, clear case that keeps your LG V30 protected while also still showing off its design. This one comes in three colors – or rather three colored frames – which are metallic, pink and silver. The rest of the case is clear, which means it will pick up fingerprints quite easily, but it does still stay looking nice. It will protect your LG V30 from the daily wear and tear of using the device. It features raised edges to keep the display protected on the LG V30 and even has a UV coating.


Finally we have the Gardien case, which Lumion is marketing as a "sleek and slim" case for the LG V30. This one is also a dual-layer case, which provides the user with a way to keep their LG V30 protected, and not adding a ton of bulk to the device. The LG V30 is already a fairly thin and light device, no one wants to make it a bulky one. This dual-layer case does use both PC and TPU material to provide shock absorption and to keep the case thin and light. The Gardien is available in Rose Pink, Black Metallic and Silver colors.

Lumion has a slew of great looking cases available here for the LG V30, and these are actually available for purchase right now, even though the LG V30 doesn't have an official release date just yet. So if you are looking to pick up the LG V30, now is definitely a good time to start picking up some cases for your LG V30. These are some great, thin and lightweight cases for the LG V30 that won't break your wallet either, coming in at $10-15 each.

Buy the Lumion Huey Case Buy the Lumion Diamont Case Buy the Lumion Gardien Case