LG HomBot Turbo+ Robot Vacuum Video Review

In a huge line of smart, connected appliances, LG's latest robot vacuum, the HomBot Turbo+ (CR57656GD) is an expensive venture no matter how you slice it. At $999 this puts the HomBot Turbo+ at the top of the spectrum for robot vacuum pricing, but LG isn't just settling on its familiar name and fancy looks to keep this one relevant. Sporting four cameras that can see the world around it, including two front-facing ones that have perspective vision, the HomBot Turbo+'s functionality extends well beyond a normal robot vacuum's.

Home Guard mode is the probably the coolest thing we've seen a robot vacuum do, that's doesn't fit into the category of vacuuming of course, and puts the robot into guard dog mode for your home. Activate this functionality and the vacuum will send you an alert if it finds anything moving in the home, complete with pictures and noises that'll probably scare any intruder off. There's plenty of regular vacuuming functionality here too, and that also extends to a dry mop that acts like a dry Swiffer of sorts. The extra stiff bristles in the roller pick up more hair than most robot vacuums, particularly on carpet, and the super suction motor not only performs well, but is quieter than most too.

At 60dB in normal operation, and 68dB in turbo mode, this vacuum is quiet enough to run even while you're home, all while featuring a 10 year warranty on that special Smart Inverter frictionless magnetic motor. The killer app that not only allows you to control any other LG smart appliances in your home, but also lets you see through the eyes of the vacuum at any given time. This works when it's idle or cleaning, and even gives manual operation functionality to the user with a friendly interface, and of course the ability to make sure you house is safe and clean, even while away. LG also includes a remote and plenty of extras inside the box, all adding up to one of the coolest robot vacuums you can buy. Want to see it in action? Check out the video below, and don't forget to check out the full written review for all the little details.

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