LG Announces A Pre-Launch Experience Program For The V30

LG V30 Leaked Press Render

LG Electronics is looking to recruit 500 people to experience the upcoming V30 ahead of its launch. It is part of the company’s “LG V30 National Experience Team,” whereby each selected member will be given a LG V30 which will have to be returned after a month of usage. However, the program is only open to consumers in South Korea at the moment. If you happen to reside in the country and would like to sign up for the program, all you have to do is head over to v30-try.co.kr. Once doing so, fill up the simple questionnaire available on the site and input the details of your Social Networking Service (SNS) account. The selection process will take place between August 22nd and 28th, and the results will be announced on September 1st on the same website.

Participants will be selected through a lottery and those picked will receive the LG V30 for usage at no cost. Those selected will have to perform various “missions” using the smartphone, and it can range from unboxing the device to detailing the features of the handset. The results of each mission is shared on the SNS of the participants automatically. Based on similar pre-launch events held by LG, it is expected for the “LG V30 National Experience Team” program to garner much interest. The previous pre-launch experience program was held in conjunction with the launch LG G6 in March and it saw more than 200,000 people apply for it. However, only 210 people were selected to participate in it. According to LG, the number of recruiters for the current event is the largest in the history of the company.

The LG V30 is expected to be made official in Berlin on August 31st, ahead of the IFA trade show which is held annually. Based on teasers and leaks which have surfaced over the past few weeks, the LG V30 will be sporting a large 6-inch P-OLED display. The handset will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC and will pack 4GB of RAM coupled with 64GB of internal storage. In addition, the smartphone will include a dual camera on its rear, and one of the shooters will have an aperture of f/1.6. It has also been confirmed by LG that its upcoming device will come with LG UX 6.0+ out of the box with a “Floating Bar” feature.