Jurassic World & Batman VR Experiences Are Coming To Android


There are two new headsets on the way bearing Skyrocket's VRSE branding that has now cropped up on a U.K.-based retail site for pre-order. Interestingly, both headsets come with an exclusive game based on one of two licensed franchises – Batman or Jurassic World. Moreover, both the headsets themselves and their bundled wireless motion controllers are themed to fit that game. The bundles are currently priced at £54.99 each and, according to the source, pre-orders are only currently available in the U.K. and shipments from at least one online retailer will begin as early as mid-September.

As to the bundles themselves, both sets come with a motion controller that has buttons – including a directional pad – running down the length of one side. Both also feature a wrist-strap to prevent any controller-flinging accidents. The headsets are phone-based, so users will need to slip their phone in and adjust the lenses to get started – just as with the popular Google cardboard VR kits. The Batman-themed set comes with a motion-controller designed to look like the franchise's well-known "Batarang." The headset itself is black and also bears the bat-symbol across the front. The Jurrasic World headset, on the other hand, is an army green color and has been emblazoned with the Jurassic World logo pulled from the movie franchise. That set's motion controller has been fashioned to look like a Jurassic World flashlight carried by staff members in the movie.

One very big caveat to the bundles is that the motion controllers are only designed to function with their respective games. That means users will need to buy a second bundle after purchasing either if they want to try out the other game. Although that could represent a deal-breaker for some and definitely puts it just below some other VR experiences, the games themselves appear to be well-made. The Jurassic World game, as suggested by both its name and licensed branding, immerses players in the movie franchise's Isla Nublar and facing down dinosaurs of various types. Meanwhile, the Batman game puts players in the shoes of the caped-crusader, battling against the Joker and his minions. The latter will even include combat gameplay mechanisms. A video provided by the source shows a bit more detail, for anybody interested in checking it out for themselves.



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