JBL Reflect Fit Sport Headphones Cater To Fitness Consumers

JBL Reflect FIT Red Hero 1605x1605

JBL‘s newly announced Reflect Fit sport headphones cater to fitness consumers, boasting features like the ability to track your heart rate and a sweat-proof rating of IPX-5, so wearing these through your grueling workout sessions is completely doable without worrying that sweating all over them is going to damage them in some way, and you’ll be able to finish your exercise knowing that you can check up on your heart rate at any point in time during your activities if you prefer to keep that information handy.

As these are designed for those with an active lifestyle they feature a secure fit so they stay put during exercise, and this is due to the in-ear style of the earbuds as well as the behind the neck design of the band. This helps to ensure that earbuds stay in your ears, and with the behind the neck style of the band you can pull the earbuds out when you’re not using them and let them hang from your neck so you always have a place to keep them without taking them off. As an added benefit, the cables on the earbuds are made with reflective material, so they’re the perfect pair of headphones to wear if you’re out on a run or cycling when it’s darker out as you’ll be easier to see.

JBL says that the Reflect Fit will be compatible with the most popular fitness apps out there, so consumers who pick these up should expect to be able to transfer any recorded data from the headphones to their fitness app of choice keeping in mind that there will be some which won’t have support, and although it isn’t mentioned, since JBL is owned by Harman International which is a subsidiary of Samsung, chances are that the headphones will be compatible with Samsung Health. The headphones feature Bluetooth 4.1 technology and they’ll provide the wearer with voice updates on their heart rate whenever they want them, these are on-demand though so users will have to initiate an action that tells the headset to relay this information. They come with a built-in remote for managing playback of your music and adjusting the volume as well as answering and ending calls, and they boast a battery life of up to 10 hours, which is a fairly long time for continuous use and should be able to keep these going for a few days or more depending on how long you wear them each time. The JBL Reflect Fit sport headphones will come in four different colors – Black, Red, Teal, and Blue, and they’ll be available at JBL’s website and at select retailers for $149.99 sometime in September of this year. The Reflect Fit sport headphones follow another announcement from JBL at IFA regarding a range of new soundbars.