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Instagram announced that the popular service is adding in comment threads, a feature that makes it easier for commenters to talk amongst themselves. The new feature is currently rolling out to iOS users and the desktop version of Instagram, while Android users can expect to see it within the next few weeks. Much like a similar feature found on Facebook, new comments can be nested under existing ones, effectively creating a thread where commenters can keep track of a conversation within the comments, without the hassle of hunting down the person you were speaking to or determining if a given comment is about you. Comment threads can be found in any version of the Instagram app above version 24.

The new feature is extremely easy to use. Each comment on a given post will now carry a Reply button of its very own, and clicking or tapping it will nest your comment underneath that one. Much like on services with a similar feature, any user that receives a direct reply to their comment will be notified in their activity feed. The old method of mentioning somebody in your comment will work as it always has on Android for the time being. Instagram has not stated whether doing this once the update drops will nest your comment under the person mentioned, or if that feature will continue to operate as it always has.

Comment threading is a common and popular way to help along conversation about a given post or piece of content. Instagram's inclusion of the new feature comes on the heels of a recent update that added in photo and video comments on Instagram Stories. Combined, these two features will allow Instagram users to build out rich comment threads and side conversations about any subject. On top of that, Instagram, following suit from parent company Facebook, has been cracking down on abusive and toxic commenters, as well as spammers jamming up comment sections with useless content, making it harder to keep track of legitimate conversation. This means that the comment sections of Instagram posts are now the safest, richest, and most fun that they've ever been.


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