Immersion Teases At How LG Will Use HD TouchSense In The V30


Immersion Technology has now reportedly gone on record to explain exactly how its HD TouchSense haptic feedback system will be used in LG's upcoming V30 flagship. The news follows reports from earlier this week, which revealed that the LG V30 would feature TouchSense technology, as well as the possibility that the tech would be included in flagships from other manufacturers. However, prior reports had only hinted that the technology could be used to "simulate the connected experiences of the real world." Now, the company is to highlighting more specific examples of how its fine-tuned motors and complex vibration effects are being used, with plenty of praise for the team at LG for its efforts with the technology.

Immersion says that the smartphone maker has gone far beyond the usual levels of buzz and vibrations that are typically seen with what the company calls "standard definition haptics." To start with, the company lauds LG's "fantastically creative design team," saying that the team went to great efforts to make sure the haptic effects are "tightly synchronized" with animations and screen transitions found in their user interface. By way of example, Immersion says that LG has tied to the new feedback system to several parts of the LG V30's camera interface. Pressing the on-screen shutter button, the company claims, will feel like clicking the physical shutter on a high-end DSLR. Adjust the settings will also have a realistic feel since the adjustment mechanisms have now been coupled with the simulated feeling of twisting a "finely tuned mechanical knob."

A similar sensation has also been achieved with other animated interactions with the UI, such as when a user is swiping away notifications, sliding from home screen to home screen, or a number of other actions the company has left to the imagination. The effects provided by HD TouchSense and its ability to create "texture" are, according to Immersion, subtle. With that said, the company also says that each has been designed to near perfection with the result of improved "usability and perceived design quality." Fortunately, anybody waiting for an official reveal to see how LG incorporates the system into its other interactions and, beyond that, whether or how it has been made customizable for users, should not have to wait for long. The company announced that the LG V30 will be revealed during IFA, in just over 2 weeks time – on August 31 at 9:00 am Central European Time.

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