IFROGZ Impulse Wireless Headphones Review


Wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular these days, and that's due to the fact that many smartphone manufacturers are opting to get rid of the headphone jack. Forcing customers to buy a new pair of headphones or use an adapter. IFROGZ has a great pair of wireless headphones here, and these won't break the bank either, coming in at under $60. But the real question is here is how good are they? Are they better than say the Bose QuietComfort 35's that cost $350? We used the QC35's as an example here because they do share some aesthetic similarities, but the price is vastly different.

The IFROGZ Impulse Wireless Headphones are a great pair of headphones here, they don't look high-quality at all, and in fact when I put them on and turned on some music, I was very surprised at how well they sounded. But more on the sound in a minute. The Impulse Wireless headphones here have a headband that can be twisted and bent without getting damaged. And that's because it's plastic. Now they can break, but they don't break as easily. IFROGZ uses soft AeroFoam on the headband and the earpads, which makes these very comfortable to wear for long listening sessions. It also helps to isolate the background noise from you while you're listening to your favorite songs or podcast.


When it comes to the audio quality from these headphones, I wasn't expecting a lot. I was half expecting it to sound rather tinny, and perhaps very low. But nope, that was not what we got. There are 40mm drivers in each side of these headphones, which produce a ton of sound, and it sounds incredible. The bass is really deep, if you listen to a bass-heavy song, you can really hear how good the bass can get. The mids and highs also sounded crystal clear and not blown out at all. Now if you're looking to pick up these headphones to use on the subway or on the plane and are worried about sound leakage, don't. Taking the headphones off, you can hear virtually no sound from the headphones.

There are a couple of minor features about these headphones from IFROGZ that are still worth mentioning. One is the 3.5mm jack. There is a 3.5mm cable included with these headphones in case you'd rather use it wired – or the batteries have died. The other is the fact that these headphones fold. Making it easy to take them with you when you're traveling, as they won't take up much space. Now we were a bit disappointed that IFROGZ did not include a carrying case with these headphones, however we do have to keep the price in mind here, IFROGZ did have to cut corners somewhere, and we'd rather them cut out the carrying case, than the build quality or sound of these headphones.


Before we wrap up, it's important to also talk about the battery life. IFROGZ pegs these as lasting around 12 hours of continuous playback. Which isn't actually that impressive. Seeing as most wireless headphones offer around 12 to 15 hours of continuous playback and some go up to 20. However, depending on how you use these headphones, you could get a bit more than 12 hours out of these. We were able to get 14 hours on a single charge, which is also quite good.

Surprisingly, there's a to like about these headphones from IFROGZ. They are actually a really good pair of wireless headphones and for under $60, it's hard to go wrong here. Now if you are able to, or want to, spend more than $60, there are plenty of other great options out there. But for $60, this is an absolute steal. IFROGZ sells these headphones at Amazon as well as its website, and it's available in black/red as well as white colors.

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