Google Voice Typing Feature Expands Support For 30 Languages

Google's voice typing feature has expanded support for 30 new languages today making it more possible for users in more global regions to use the feature to type out anything from search queries to text messages, when simply typing things with your fingers just won't do. While the obvious benefits are there, like still being able to get a message out or perform a search for something while your hands might be full, one not so obvious benefit Google says is that voice typing can be much faster than typing things out with your fingers, which according to Google can be up to three times faster, and that's a huge boost in speed in getting a message out, which saves time and is just more efficient.

The bigger part of this update definitely revolves around the addition of newly supported languages as it makes Google's voice recognition more globally available, but Google isn't forgetting about the U.S.-based users. The update that added this new language support includes the ability for people to use the voice typing feature for inserting emjoi, though Google does note that this is only supported in English at the moment.

As for the new languages that were added as part of this update, Google's voice typing now supports Amharic, Armenian, Bengali, Georgian, Latvian, Marathi, Swahili, and many others. While it might have taken some time to get support for all 30 of these languages up and running, this isn't something which Google was capable of patching in overnight. According to Google it worked with native speakers of each language to gather voice samples so its machine learning technology was able to better understand responses and queries frpom those languages, but this was only part of the process as once the voice samples were collected Google's machine learning tech still had to listen to more responses to build on the initial set of responses it was able to recognize. With today's 30 new languages, Google states that its voice typing now supports a total of 119 languages. All of the languages included in today's crop should be able to utilize voice typing without a hitch, and English speakers in the U.S. should be able to give the emoji support a try.

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