Google Teams Up With Vogue For VR Tour Of Supermodel Closets


Google has revealed a new YouTube series in partnership with Condé Nast Entertainment and Vogue that gives viewers a first-hand, first-person look into the wardrobes of the magazine's models. The series – called Supermodel Closets – was started as a way to celebrate Vogue Magazine's 125th Anniversary, and was created using Google's Jump video-capture platform. Better still is that it was shot in VR with Google Daydream and Cardboard users in mind. That means fashionistas who own or have access to one of those VR devices can check out every episode in a fully immersive way. The first episode is already out and embedded below. Future episodes will be arriving in the "coming weeks" and can be found on Vogue's own YouTube channel. While there aren't currently any details regarding which models will be featured in the series, Google did mention that the first five episodes would center around Kendall Jenner's wardrobe.

As to what viewers can expect to see on supermodel closets, the name says it all. More specifically, Google says people who watch the series will get a guided tour of various supermodels' closets. However, while the obvious focus is on the clothes worn by the models, Vogue has taken a different approach than what many might expect from the show. Rather than just focusing on a given model's favorite brands or outfits, the featured models in Supermodel Closets will also be telling some of their favorite stories behind the clothes. That means followers will be getting a real inside scoop on what gives each piece of attire its "sentimental value" for the models.

The videos also serve as the first test for YI HALO cameras, which are powered by Google's own Jump software platform and were first announced back in April. The cameras, according to Google, allowed for 4K stereoscopic capture with a full 360-degree view which even allows users to look upwards. The cameras allowed the executive producer on the project – Julina Tatlock, of 30 Ninjas – to get up close and personal when shooting the series, even in the most cramped closet spaces. Beyond this project, Google says that even more Daydream-focused projects can be expected "this fall," which will also be shot using the company's Jump platform.


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