Google+ Rolls Out Discover Tool To Highlight Trending Posts

Google plus AH 1

The team behind Google’s social networking site, Google+, has released a new tool designed to let you search for posts that are trending. Carter Gibson, Community Management Program Lead for Google+, announced via a post that the new Discover feature works to serve up trending posts pulled together from a variety of sources and organized into a carousel of suggestions for Recommended Communities and Featured Collections. Gibson said that the new Discover feature will be rolling out to all users over the next few days on the web and iOS platforms.

The Discover stream also contains recommendations for a vast array of topics based on your interests. So if you are in the habit of taking stunning photos or creating any form of art, you may see suggestions like landscape photography or painting under the Topics section inside the Discover stream. Topics feature was launched in April of this year to allow you to search for various types of content on Google+ that are curated according to your interest and activity on the social network. If you have not created a Google+ account yet or have logged out from your profile, visiting the Google+ website now leads you to the Discover stream as the landing page that shows some of the trending content on the network. Featured Collections stream used to be placed where the Discover landing page is now, and now you can find Featured Collections inside the Discover page. Gibson also revealed that Google+ decided to get rid of the Events tab as well in favor of Discover. Nonetheless, this tab has not been completely removed from Google+, as the social network only assigned it to a new location inside the overflow menu represented by three dots.

Discover is located at the left-hand navigation bar on the Google+ home page, and it is placed right below the Home section to make it more visible to new and existing users. According to Gibson, the broader goal is to improve the way new users experience the social networking site while helping existing account owners discover some personalities that they may want to follow.