Google Home Mini, New Chromebook Pixel Reportedly On The Way

Google Home AH NS 01

A Google Home Mini and a new Chromebook Pixel are reportedly on the way from Google, and are rumored to join the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 at its announcement later this year. There are still a lot of unknowns about this new Chromebook Pixel and about the new, smaller version of Google Home, but there are some details that are included with the rumors about the devices being announced in the coming months.

First off, there aren’t any details surrounding cost for either of these products right now. That said, Google Home retails for $129, so a smaller version of it is highly likely to come to market at a lower cost, just like Amazon’s Echo Dot, which is also likely to be Google’s drive for launching a Google Home mini model. Whether or not the mini version of the smart speaker would have all of the same features is unclear, but it’s possible that Google would axe a few functions from it if it’s looking to sell it a lower price tag, as there would be no point in Google launching it with all of the same features of Google Home when it could just lower the price of Google Home instead. Also unclear are whether or not the new mini version will come in just one color and have the same customization options that include swappable bases.

As for the new Chromebook Pixel, there’s not a lot of detail about this device either, but it’s being suggested that this could be the Project Bison device, and that it may end up being a competitor product to laptops such as Apple’s Macbook and Microsoft’s Surface Pro. The rumor also suggests that a cost for this may end up starting at a base price of $799, if the new Chromebook Pixel and Project Bison are one in the same, though it’s worth mentioning that there is no confirmation on whether or not that is the case so the two could still be completely different devices. What makes this more interesting is the fact that Google’s hardware chief stated back in February of this year that the company was done with the Chromebook Pixel line. While it’s possible that more information will surface about one or both of these products before their official reveal, if Google does plan to announce these products at its upcoming announcement event in the Fall that is only a little over a month away.