Google Assistant Can Help You Enjoy National Book Lovers Day


Google Assistant is incredibly useful in a large number of scenarios, and Google has a few ideas as to how one might use Assistant to aid in the enjoyment of National Book Lover Day. There are more than a few obvious commands, such as having Assistant open a book in your Google Play Books library or turn on some mood music for reading, if you happen to be that kind of reader, but Google's post, chock full of wordplay and puns on famous authors' names, suggests a few choices that may be a bit less obvious.

Adding a new book that you like to your shopping list can be done in a pretty vague manner, for starters – saying something like OK Google, add that new book about meditation to my shopping list will do the trick. You can ask Google Assistant to talk to the Wine Guide if you like to enjoy something along with your book, have Google Assistant adjust your home's lighting or the levels of your home audio system to set the mood just right, or simply ask Google where the nearest library is, if you would rather read in an environment made for such activities. Learning about your favorite author or some details behind your favorite book is always just a search away, of course. If you would rather celebrate the date by creating instead of consuming, you could always just ask Google Assistant to take you to the nearest cafe so that you can settle into a booth with a nice latte to pen the world's next great epic in true ironic fashion.

Whether you're planning on reading or writing within earshot of a Google Home or simply anywhere you may happen to have your Android phone at your side, Google Assistant can help to make it a more enriching and convenient experience. Likewise, whether you're going to put fingers to keys and tell your own story, find a good read from a relative unknown online, or crack open a bestselling paperback from a famous author, Google Assistant has some tricks up its sleeve that can make celebrating today that much easier. 

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