Google App Adds In Pollen Forecasts, Change Alerts


Google is adding a feature to its app that allows users to view their area's pollen forecast, and even get notified if there are any changes to it throughout the day. The new feature seems to be rolling out gradually, but Google did not announce when it expects all users to be have it. A GIF image from Google's blog that shows off the feature, attached above, depicts a pollen forecast feature that's as rich as it likely needs to be, and is quite easy to use. Seasonal allergy sufferers using the Google app to search for their area's pollen forecast, or any similar queries, will be shown an extended forecast with icons to denote pollen levels. The feature also gives users the opportunity to turn on notifications for changes to the forecast, a part of the new feature that is also shown in the aforementioned GIF image. 

The pollen forecast shown in the Google app with the new feature not only includes an icon and brief description of how the pollen forecast looks for the day, but also a quick summary of how this will affect people with seasonal allergies. A link is shown below these results that can take a user to a page where they can learn more about the current conditions and what the seasonal pollen changes mean. The pollen data for the new feature comes from Google's blog post did not reveal whether the feature was also available in Chrome for Android. Upon testing, it was not seen in Chrome for either Android, Linux, or Windows as of this writing.

Google is no stranger to adding quirky features to its search tool that are meant to make users' lives a little bit easier. A prime example is the bubble level feature, a tool that can be accessed by searching "bubble level," and allowed users to utilize their phone's gyroscope and accelerometer, if available, to determine if a given object is level. Aside from this one, the latest update to Google's flagship app was one that brought the app's quick access shortcuts to users in India, and before that, a recipe card feature within the app expanded to reach more users.

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