GIPHY CAM Adds New Stickers, Overlays, Face Tracking Feature

August 11, 2017 - Written By Daniel Golightly

Earlier this week, GIPHY CAM for Android has been updated to bring the app in line with how the software functions on iOS. For the uninitiated, GIPHY CAM is a mobile camera tool that allows users to create their own animated GIF images, complete with overlays, stickers, and more. The resulting animations can then be shared via social media or messaging apps. It is also a relatively popular tool in this market segment, currently boasting an average rating of 4.8 stars from just under 1,600 reviewers. This latest update includes a ton of new content and features for users to take advantage of.

The new build of the app brings a total of six new “trippy” filters – Punchy, Trails, Hypno, Poster, Focus, and Rainbow. Also included are two brand new sticker packs for users to stamp onto their faces and into their animations. The first of those is called “Weird-mojis” and the other is “Gnomio,” created by GIPHY Studios’ Jason Clarke and Domitille Collardey, respectively. The developers also hint at a bunch of other overlays being added with the update, including animated masks. The addition of that kind of content is to be expected with these kinds of applications, but GIPHY decided to go quite a bit further here. A new face tracking enhancement has been added for contemporary Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Google Pixel. What makes the feature unique is that the tracking also works on imported images and video, so users don’t have to reshoot media to create a new GIF which takes advantage of the features. That means just about any photo or video that contains a face could, in theory, be used with numerous functionalities that make GIPHY CAM a go-to tool for GIF creation.

Unsurprisingly, the new update also includes performance and bug fixes that are meant to improve the overall user experience of the mobile tool. Anybody interested can download the latest build of the app by following the link below or refer to the gallery beneath it to see how some of the new GIPHY CAM filters look in action.

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