Galaxy Note 8 Surfaces On Samsung's U.S. Web Store

The Galaxy Note 8 has surfaced on Samsung’s U.S. web store recently. It’s not clear when exactly the listing went up on the website, but it can be seen clearly in the screenshot below if the listing ends up being pulled offline at some point, which wouldn’t be surprising since the listing does show images of the phone and Samsung hasn’t officially announced the device yet, let alone unveil its design. Nevertheless, even if the listing was put up in error there have been enough leaks of the device in both live images and press renders to give the consumer a good idea of what the device looks like.

There are a few things to note (no pun intended) about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 as it’s listed on the web store. The first is that the device shown is in black, and it’s not shown with multiple color options like the Galaxy Note 5 next to it. This could mean a couple of things. Either Samsung will only initially launch the Galaxy Note 8 in black in the U.S. and won’t launch the other colors until later, or the other colors simply aren’t listed on the store yet, which would also make sense given the phone hasn’t been announced. There will be other colors though.

Another detail worth mentioning is that while Samsung doesn’t have a price listed on the store page, if you move the cursor over the phone you can see it re-position to new angles, which are the images you see below, albeit small ones as clicking on the phone to see larger images takes you to an error page, and when you place the mouse cursor over the Galaxy Note 8 image there are a few key details about what the device has feature-wise. There are no specs listed, but it does mention the S Pen, that it has an Infinity Display, and that it comes with Bixby software, all of which are details which were already known at this point but this more or less confirms them. It’s also listed with 64GB of storage, so this is likely to be the base model. Along with these particular device details it’s also listed that the device comes unlocked, so this could be another reason why the phone is only shown in black, as the unlocked model may only come in black. Again though, it’s worth mentioning that there is no confirmation of any sort that this is the case, it’s merely an observation of the device listing as shown on Samsung’s web store. Samsung is preparing to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23rd at its Unpacked event, with rumors that pre-orders for the phone in the U.S. and elsewhere will begin the following day, August 24th.


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