FedEx Recalls Galaxy Note 4 Batteries Over Fire Hazards

AH Samsung Galaxy Note 4 1

FedEx on Wednesday issued a countrywide recall of batteries powering the Galaxy Note 4 that were handled by its supply chain, as revealed by the notice published by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) which states that the units are being pulled from the market due to overheating issues that pose “fire and burn hazards.” Approximately 10,200 units are affected by the recall and consumers whose devices are powered by such cells are to stop using them immediately, physically remove them from their devices, and send them back to FedEx in a special packaging that they’ll receive in the coming days. The Memphis, Tennessee-based delivery service provider only manages Galaxy Note 4 units refurbished by AT&T’s smartphone insurance program and those devices are hence the only one that are in danger of overheating, though the announcement of the recall itself is worded as a precautionary measure seeing how only a single case of AT&T’s refurbished Galaxy Note 4 overheating was recorded in the country so far and the battery in question didn’t do any damage to anyone or anything.

The ordeal itself isn’t in any way attributable to Samsung seeing how the units that FedEx is now looking to pull from the market aren’t powered by the batteries manufactured by Samsung SDI or any other company licensed by Samsung Electronics to produce such devices. Instead, the models in question were somehow equipped with counterfeit batteries that were deemed unsafe due to overheating risks, FedEx revealed, without elaborating on the matter. Owners of the Galaxy Note 4 refurbished by AT&T don’t have to buy a replacement unit themselves and can simply wait for FedEx to ship them a new battery together with a box in which they are to return the old one. Not all of the cells that the company is recalling are believed to be counterfeit ones, though FedEx didn’t provide an estimate regarding how many might be. Likewise, there’s still no word on how long the firm will take to issue replacements, though the wait shouldn’t be too long, especially since the recall is now under federal supervision.

Due to that state of affairs, this recall is hardly comparable to the Galaxy Note 7 one and should also be resolved in a significantly swifter manner. The next addition to Samsung’s high-end phablet lineup is scheduled to be launched on Wednesday, August 23.