FaceTec Debuts Android Biometric Authentication SDK 'ZoOm'

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Software company FaceTec on Tuesday announced ZoOm, its new software development kit (SDK) for mobile biometric authentication which ships with full support for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and newer versions of the operating system. The firm’s latest solution is meant to improve the security offered by contemporary biometric authentication services on mobile devices while simultaneously being easier to implement than its alternatives, FaceTec said, elaborating on the latter point by explaining how its technology doesn’t require specialized 3D camera modules or other unique hardware. FaceTec is already offering a functional version of the ZoOm UX demo app created with its SDK as part of the ZoOm Login Android app that’s available for download from the Google Play Store free of charge.

The Las Vegas, Nevada-based company claims that the ZoOm SDK is the first truly universal 3D facial authentication platform in the industry, adding that its service is capable of verifying people’s identities in an extremely accurate manner thanks to its ability to scan a face in three dimensions with conventional mobile camera modules. Due to the accuracy and reliability of the service, FaceTec is hoping that its SDK will ultimately be able to replace passwords and PIN codes on mobile devices seeing how biometric authentication is quicker than inputting a security code or phrase. Apart from Android, the service also supports iOS 8.3+ devices and can be implemented into any app made for the two currently most popular mobile operating systems on the planet. By delivering a solution that’s as spoof-free as a password but is significantly more time-efficient, FaceTec is hoping that it will be able to prompt an industry-wide change in the mobile app segment and the way in which this sector handles user authentication and general security.


The ZoOm SDK is based on the company’s proprietary TrueLiveness technology which FaceTec claims is the only solution of its kind capable of accounting for perspective distortion based on a maximum of 30 selfie frames it takes from a short video clip, consequently being able of authenticating a face as a true 3D object. The solution is said to work regardless of lighting conditions and can authenticate a person in any scenario in under two seconds, FaceTec claims. The service’s false acceptance rate (FAR) currently stands at one per 50,000 entries, which is well-above the industry average, according to the company. The ZoOm SDK is being offered with a range of third-party plugins and is completely free to use for any business whose annual revenue amounts to under $10 million, as well as educational and non-profit organizations. Everyone else is able to use the solution for a nominal monthly fee which is based on a number of users, FaceTec said.