Dell Unveils Visor Mixed Reality Headset For $350

Dell Visor Mixed Reality Headset

Dell has unveiled its Visor Mixed Reality headset at a cost of $350, putting at pace with VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR when it comes to similar hardware technology. The Visor is Dell’s official name for the new headset that will be using Microsoft’s Mixed Reality platform, which also means it’ll be compatible with Windows 10 PCs and it joins other options which  have already been announced and are currently available to developers, such as the Mixed Reality headsets from HP and Acer.

Though Dell isn’t blazing the trail as the first Mixed Reality headset on the market, it is aiming to set itself apart from the pack by offering some uniqueness. One way Dell is doing this is with the design of the headset. The Visor actually comes with a visor that you can flip up (hence the name) so it’ll be easier for users to move back and forth between reality and mixed reality, letting them seamlessly move between life and content. The Visor also features a 360-degree panoramic view thanks to the inside-out tracking cameras and uses the same technology that’s found in the Microsoft HoloLens.

Dell also designed the headset to be comfortable with a durable quality to it. The company boasts a nicely padded and comfortable headband which is also easily adjustable using a thumbwheel, and Dell used a white exterior as it wanted to make the headset easy to clean if it got dirty or grimy from extended use. Alongside the headset Dell made a pair of controllers that look a lot like the controllers for the Rift with obvious differences in design, though these don’t come with the headset and will be purchasable for $99 on top of the headset cost. Right now Dell hasn’t given an actual release date for the Visor or the controllers, but it does mention the headset will be available in the months ahead. Once it initially launches it will be available from Dell’s website first and consumers can pick up the headset and the controllers separately, or they can purchase a bundle which will be available at $449.99. Following the headset’s launch on Dell’s website, it will also be available through Microsoft, and at some Best Buy locations and on Best Buy’s website.