Cornea App Aims To Help Users With Social Media Popularity


Social media photo shares could get a lot more interesting thanks to a brand new app that uses A.I. to predict a photo's popularity in advance. Better still, Cornea: Unlimited Filters, Popularity Predictor was designed to help improve an image's popularity potential through the use of comparative algorithms that examine which filters and hashtags are trending. Users can even transfer the style of photos they enjoy to new photos before uploading them.

The most used aspect of Cornea A.I. is probably going to be its artistic filters selection. That's partly because the A.I. inside the app hand-picks the latest trending filters but it also comes down to what the developers call Custom Filters. According to the app's description on the Play Store, Custom Filters provide users with the ability to upload their own photos or images and then transfer the "color or style" to new images through Vibe or Art filters. It's a unique concept and one that could become exceptionally popular with users who want to overcome some hassles associated with creating artful images. Extending on those, Cornea A.I. also allows users to transfer vibes from images similar to theirs from across social media. Beyond the extensive editing options available, what really makes Cornea A.I. useful is the comparative algorithms found inside the app code itself. The app is designed specifically to give users an idea of how popular their share will be once it hits Instagram or Facebook. It accomplishes that by providing an automatically generated popularity score before the image is ever even uploaded. It goes further by recommending hashtags and edits that should, in theory, increase the overall views the image gets. Users can even add their own personalized hashtags if they find that Cornea isn't keeping up with the latest trends. Once the image is ready, Cornea A.I. also allows for share scheduling and reminders, so that images hit the web at peak times for maximum effect.

The app was just uploaded to the Google Play Store and currently only has 88 reviews, a 4.8-star rating, and 500-1000 installs, but looks like a solid addition to any social media user's tool kit. Anyone interested in Cornea can download it by following the Play Store banner below.


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