Comcast Working On BYOD, Trade-In Program For Xfinity Mobile

Comcast's Xfinity Mobile MVNO program is reportedly going to get a bring your own device program some time in the near future, as well as a trade-in program that allows customers to knock off some of the price of a new device. Randall Hounsell, a high-ranking member of Comcast staff, said that the program is likely to have some form of both of those programs by the end of this year, or at the very least, the beginnings of them. Speaking on the different tiers of unlimited service, he said that the $45 tier meant for X1 video customers, currently offered to all customers, will continue to be available indefinitely. The original plan was to have a $65 unlimited plan available for all, while the $45 tier would be exclusive to X1 video customers, but there has thus far been no word on making any changes in that direction.

Hounsell stated that the ability to bring your own device to the service has been a popular request from the outset, and that it will take some work for the company to implement this, especially since its service runs on Verizon's network. This means that those bringing in devices from any carrier other than Verizon, or even most unlocked phones, will have limited or no service, as affairs currently stand. On the matter of the unlimited plans, he said that most customers were actually opting to pay per GB for data, which would come out to be the cheaper plan, so long as a customer uses less than 3.5GB; the going rate on that is $12 per GB. This means that especially data-frugal customers can get data service for as little as $12 per line, since the service has no access fees. There are applicable taxes and fees, along with equipment costs, however.

Xfinity Mobile is a unique service that may appeal to existing Comcast customers or those looking to save a few bucks by taking advantage of the copious amount of Wi-Fi hotspots on offer, but the service has at least a few disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages, for the time being, is that anybody who either doesn't want or can't afford one of the newest Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy models is stuck with the budget LG X Charge. Adding in a bring your own device program could help the service to attract Android purists, those who buy unlocked, or people with somewhat older devices who are satisfied and have no reason to upgrade.

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