BLUBOO S8 Internals Shown Off In Official Teardown Video


The BLUBOO S8 is now available to pre-order from a select number of online retailers. As part of the launch period, the company has been releasing a number of promotional videos which provide a greater insight to what is on offer with this latest smartphone. The latest of which has now arrived. Although this video is a little different to the rest as not only does it look to provide a closer look at the outside of the BLUBOO S8, but also the inside. As this is the company's official teardown video for the BLUBOO S8.

As is typically the case with a teardown video, this one provides a good insight into the internal makeup of the BLUBOO S8, including a closer look at many of its main components, such as the 3,450 mAh battery, the front-facing camera, and of course, its dual rear camera configuration. Likewise, while the video showcases the BLUBOO S8 being stripped down component by component, it also reverses the process towards the end by showing the BLUBOO S8 being put back together again. Something which may prove of benefit to those who like to take apart and repair smartphones themselves.


In addition to this latest video, BLUBOO also recently released the official introduction video for the BLUBOO S8. In contrast, the previous video looked to provide a good oversight of the BLUBOO S8 including its software experience. Of which, the video focuses on the camera capabilities of the smartphone, due to its inclusion of a dual rear camera setup which is spearheaded by a 16-megapixel main camera, and backed up by a 3-megapixel secondary camera. Along with highlighting the camera's hardware and software, the video also provides a glimpse of the quality of the images that can be taken with the BLUBOO S8's rear cameras. Other aspects focused on in the introductory video include the general dimensions of the phone, as well as the advanced security features that are on offer thanks to the inclusion of the company's first outing of its 360 security suite. Not forgetting of course, the video also focuses on the other main selling point with this smartphone, its display. As this is a phone that employs an 18:9 aspect ratio to ensure a minimal level of bezels are in play.

As mentioned, the BLUBOO S8 is now available to pre-order online and there are some deals to be had. Through Banggood, the BLUBOO S8 can be picked up by some subscribers for as little as half price. While through Aliexpress some buyers will randomly be selected to receive the BLUBOO S8 for free. In addition, buyers will also be able to pick up a pair of $50 wireless headphones for free. More details on the BLUBOO S8 through Aliexpress and Banggood through the links below. Also below is the full version of the teardown and introductory videos.

Buy the BLUBOO S8 (Banggood) Buy the BLUBOO S8 (Aliexpress)

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