BlitzWolf BW-ES2 Earphones Cost $20, Focus On Sound Quality


Finding a good pair of headphones or earphones, at a good price, is a difficult thing to do sometimes. After all, when it comes to audio products, cost normally equates to quality. Something which in part is directly relevant to the fundamental physics of sound. As sound is something that naturally occurs, there are better and more expensive ways to accentuate that natural sound. Recently though, a number of devices have started turning to artificial ways to offer an improved sound quality, which has resulted in better sounding products, at more affordable prices – albeit with a less authentic sound output.

Which is not a bad thing at all, as choice and lower prices is great for the market as a whole. However, if you do want a product that offers more of a natural sound quality, then unfortunately getting the right hardware is what matters the most. Take speakers for example. A speaker of any sort can accommodate a wide range of frequencies, although the more frequencies you squeeze through a single speaker, the more affected the sound quality starts to become. Once you then factor in rising volume levels, the output can become even more compromised, and even quicker. Which is why better systems tend to make use of two and even three-ways designs. Although this is something that you will not often find at the cheaper end of the headphone market. Which is where the BlitzWolf BW-ES2 Earphones come in, as these are currently available to buy priced at only $20 and make use of a Dual Dynamic Driver design.Pick these up at


The best way to understand what the BW-ES2 Earphones offers is to think in terms of the bass/mid and tops ratio. As along with some software tweaks, the BW-ES2 Earphones look to offer a much more separated bass – from the mids and tops. This is the basis of the dual dynamic driver design in play here. With the result being that bass is more defined and therefore more bassy. By the same token, the mids and tops are also more defined. The combined definition of each sub-frequency group results in a better overall output, one which is not only clearly, but remains as clear as the volume level increases. Resulting in a consistent sound output regardless of the type of music genre playing or the volume level set.

Again, this is not a new concept by any means, and anyone deeply interested in audio equipment will tell you this is taught in audio basics 101. However, the difference here is that the BW-ES2 Earphones looks to offer this sort of design and output at a considerably low price. A change from the past where greater definition was something that was largely reserved for the higher end of the headphone market. So while the technology is not new, getting that technology at a low price, is. Add to that the choice of red or black color, a 3.5mm gold-plated jack, on-board volume and mic controls, a carry case, and a gift box, and this does seem as though it is quite the package for under $20.Check out Blitzwolf's Facebook page as well for more details.

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