Best Android Games — Premier League — August 2017


The summer of crazy transfer (rumors) is almost over, the FA Community Shield is behind us, and the new Premier League season is officially set to begin with the today's game between Arsenal and Leicester City. While you're waiting for your favorite team to play their first fixture, you may find yourself itching to play some related football/soccer games, so with that in mind, below you'll find the best such titles that are currently available for Android devices.

Fantasy Football Manager (FPL)


What's a new football season if not yet another opportunity to play fantasy football and prove to your friends that there's no one better at predicting the form of teams and individual players than you? Fantasy Football Manager (FPL) will allow you to do just that, with this Homemade Apps-made game being designed specifically for the Premier League.

Football Manager Mobile 2017


Manchester United may not have gotten morata and Chelsea probably won't get Alex Sandro, and with the way things are shaping up, it'll be a miracle if Tottenham gets anyone before September. That isn't to say you can't at least pretend to take over them and show their digital boards what you'd be able to do in the league if given the opportunity. Until Sports Interactive releases a new mobile game around late October, Football Manager Mobile 2017 continues to be the best simulation of sports management for Android devices and many Premier League fans will easily sink weeks and months into it with no regrets.

Dream League Soccer 2017


If you prefer a more hands-on approach to digital football, Dream League Soccer 2017 may be your cup of tea. With numerous gameplay modes, real players, an optional tablet interface, and full support for physical gamepads, this title is one of the best football games currently available on the Google Play Store.

Making Soccer Star


If you're looking for a different type of a football game focused on the Premier League and are willing to look over or outright laugh at unlicensed names like "W. Rooni," Making Soccer Star should be precisely to your liking. This creation is essentially a Kairosoft-like simulation of the life of a high-profile player, so if pumping stats, defying coaches, and attending parties sounds like your idea of a good time, be sure to give it a try.

Soccer Star 2017 Top Leagues


Soccer Star 2017 Top Leagues is yet another 3D mobile game that will allow you to try your luck in the Premier League and many other top European football competitions with the goal of dominating your domestic and continental opponents. If you're looking for a balanced combination of a football game and a management simulation, you should find this game to be an entertaining activity between Premier League matches.

FIFA Mobile Soccer


FIFA is all about the Premier League these days, as evidenced by its recent focus on Hazard, Martial, and a number of its other sponsored stars. While most games on this list are licensed, there's no one that can compete on the authenticity front better than the FIFA series, so coupled with entertaining gameplay, this particular title is a safe recommendation for all fans of the English football league.

PES 2017


The eternal battle of Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA translated well to the mobile format, with PES 2017 offering a different, slower, and some would say more realistic take on the concept of a football simulation than FIFA Mobile Soccer does. On the other hand, the latest PES Android game also comes with its own version of FIFA's Ultimate Mode, so you can get the best of both worlds in terms of a Premier League campaign as long as you don't consider some license placeholders to be deal-breakers.

Chelsea Runner

There are two reasons to play Chelsea Runner, both equally good; one, you may be a Chelsea fan looking for an amusing time waster. Two, you may just want to intentionally slam Costa into a bus and laugh while remembering that you won't have to face him this season. Either way, this casual mobile runner is an amusing game and if you prefer an Arsenal-branded take on it, you can find that one on the Google Play Store as well.

Mobile Soccer League

If you're interested in authenticity in terms of licenses but would still prefer a more cartoonish take on football, Mobile Soccer League is the game you definitely ought to try as this curious creation attempts to bring the best of both worlds into a single package, and also comes with a dedicated Premier League mode.

Top Eleven 2017 – Be a Soccer Manager

Possibly the most popular football management simulation for mobile devices, Top Eleven stood the test of time and continues to entertain tens of millions of players around the world. With a plethora of licensed Premier League kits and emblems, this title allows you to create your own football association that's just like the English one, except consistent and better organized. What's not to like?