Best Android Games – August 2017


With it being the beginning of a new month there are loads of new Android games that have released since the last time we put out this list, and with that there are tons more games that are worth your time and consideration, but because we can't list them all we've rounded up some of the best games that you will definitely want to give a shot if you're looking for something new to play. Whether you're into RPGs, casual games, puzzle games, or arcade games, there's something for everyone.

Triple Agent

Kicking this list off is Triple Agent, a game which is not meant to be played by yourself as it was designed as a party game and requires at least five people, but it's possible to take it up to 12, and obviously, the more the better with this sort of game. The idea is to essentially root out all the spies from the group with each person being an agent from one of two factions. Each person will get missions or tasks on his or her turn to complete and will need to accuse others at the end of the turn, with the goal of everyone else being to try and deceive other players. It's free, and if you tend to have gatherings or you enjoy party games, this one could be loads of fun.


Quantum Revenge Lite

Quantum Revenge itself isn't a new game, but the Lite version has just recently launched and allows gamers a chance to try things out for free. Quantum Revenge is an arcade style space shooter with a manga-inspired set of visuals. You pilot a mech and will come across all kinds of enemies and huge bosses that will make you feel all sorts of nostalgic if you grew up with games like this one. If you like this new free version, then you can pick up the full version for $2.99.

Star Tap – Idle Space Clicker


Moving to something a bit more casual, Star Tap is just like it sounds and just as the name describes – a clicker-style game that will include plenty of screen tapping. The nice thing about Star Tap is that it also weaves in elements of management as you'll need to spend in-game currency you acquire during gameplay to upgrade your ships, drones, and more, but you'll want to spend your currency wisely as each upgrade or level up will have benefits that may be more useful than another, so you'll want to pick the best option for that time. There's also a little bit of a story thrown in with tiny cutscenes that pop up at certain times, usually after you reach a new planet. The best part is that once you've had your fill and need a rest from tapping, the game can keep going while idle and still let you progress to the next location.

Subdivision Infinity

If it wasn't already obvious from the image above, Subdivision Infinity is a space combat game not too unlike that of Galaxy On Fire 3, though maybe with less of the story-related content it seems. That said the game does include missions for you to complete as it won't just be crazy space battles, and you'll have everything from exploring the far reaches of the universe to mining for resources.


Galaxy Of Pen And Paper

The latest Role Playing title from the team behind the masterpiece known as Knights of Pen and Paper, Galaxy of Pen and Paper takes all of the stuff gamers loved about the previous title to space. This is a new game so all of the story content, combat, and other elements are all new adventures to experience. Combat is tactical and turn-based, and there will be lots of quests to complete as well as loot to gather for your team of explorers.

Adventure Time Run


Not entirely casual but also not too complex like the title before it, Adventure Time Run is an endless runner themed after the crazy antics of the popular Adventure Time cartoon on Cartoon Network. As you might expect there are multiple playable characters, powerups, and things to collect throughout the levels.


This is a puzzle game which tasks you with guiding the game's character through space, but you can only travel on lines of light, with each level getting progressively more challenging. It features different worlds that you'll pass through in each level with lush colors and beautifully crafted visuals and while the gameplay might feel complex in terms of the puzzle solving, it's also somewhat minimalist in its design.


Tales Of The Rays

If you like RPGs and you've been waiting for something that is more akin to what you'd find on a console or handheld like the PS Vita, Tales Of The Rays is a good bet. It's an action RPG game with Anime-style visuals and a console quality feel. The anime visuals aren't just part of the regular gameplay either, as the game includes cutscenes that will further enhance the story with rich content. As this is an action RPG combat is free-form and not turn-based like you'd see in a JRPG style, and since visuals are 3D combat is one of the best parts of gameplay. Expect to be playing this for a while and if you like longer games that can't be finished in a matter of hours, this might the game for you.

The Elder Scrolls Legends – Heroes Of Skyrim


Mixing things up a bit here, The Elder Scrolls Legends is a card-based battle game much like Hearthstone, though instead of everything being based on World of Warcraft it's based on the Elder Scrolls universe instead. Gameplay will feel very familiar to those who have played Hearthstone or other similar card battlers, but the one cool unique aspect is that Elder Scrolls Legends has a feature where you play cards in two separate lanes, and those cards can only attack other cards from that lane, unless of course they have a special ability that will allow them to attack anyone upon bringing them to the board. It adds a level of tactical skill that will require you to think a little more on your feet and plan out your next move more than you might have to without it. It's free, and if you like card battlers, definitely give this one a go.

Layton's Mystery Journey

Rounding out this list is Layton's Mystery Journey, a wonderfully crafted puzzle game with anime-style visuals and plenty of mind-bending puzzles for you to solve. This is a console quality puzzle game and while it's a bit expensive for a mobile title, it wouldn't be the only game set out at this cost, and it's sure to be much less than the console version. If you like games with tons of challenging puzzles, anime graphics, rich story content and cutscenes then you'll want to at least try this one out, and if you don't like it you can always refund within the time windows allowed, though you probably won't want to.