Best Android Apps – Premier League – August 2017


English Premier League is definitely amongst the best football (soccer) leagues in the world. A new season is about to start, and fans all over the world are eagerly expecting that to happen. This is actually a perfect time for us to share our top 10 Premier League-related app picks, in case you're interested. In the list down below, you'll find a number of different apps (in no specific order), ranging from the Premier League's official app, all the way to various live score apps, and similar applications which will help you keep track of what's going on in the Premier League.

Premier League – Official App


Premier League is the official application for the English Premier League. This app will get you a bevy of information regarding all teams that are competing in the current season of the Premier League. This is also a Fantasy Premier League app, which essentially means that you'll be able to manage your own team and play a game, basically. This application also provides video highlights, various news, in-depth player profiles, and so on.

SofaScore Live Score


SofaScore is one of the best live score apps out there. This application will not only let you follow results from the English Premier League, but also various other football leagues around the world. That's not all, though, you can access all sorts of other sports through this app, ranging from volleyball and basketball, all the way to Formula 1 and table tennis. Video highlights for football matches are also available, and so are various news for the Premier League.


Premier League Get In!

The Premier League Get In! application is yet another app that is focused on the English Premier League, though it's a bit different than the rest of the pack. This app gets you the official matchday accessibility guide, including detailed contact information for all Disability Liaison Officers and Ticket Offices. You'll also get travel and accessibility information for reaching the stadium by train, bus, car and taxi.


Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre


The Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre app is, well, its name is kind of self-explanatory. This app lets you see who scored goals in various Premier League games, and you can also watch video clips of those goals. Now, the English Premier League is not the only football league that is included here, you'll be able to access La Liga, MLS, and so on. In addition to goals, you'll also see match reports, get access to push notifications, and so much more.

Forza Football


Forza Football is yet another live score application which has plenty to offer. Unlike SofaScore, this app allows you to follow what's going on in the football world only, but it does a great job with that. This app has a really nice UI, video clips of goals and match previews are available as well for the Premier League (and other major leagues), while you'll also be able to see match reports, news, and so on.


EPL 2017/18

EPL 2017/18 is a third-party app which lets you keep track of what's going on in the current Premier League season. This app brings forth a lot of details, you can access various details regarding teams, players, and so on. Push notifications are supported by the app, and it lets you follow matches live, and also offers text commentary for those of you who prefer that sort of thing. This app comes with ads, like many other apps on the list, but it's free to use.

Fantasy Football Manager (FPL)

Fantasy Football Manager is one of the most popular fantasy football games around. This app lets you manage your fantasy Premier League team, all you need to do is select your 15 players from the Premier League, and you can start competing with your friends or with other players, you can even create your own league. This app has a really nice-looking UI, and it's completely free to use, though it comes with ads.

Premier League Scores

The Premier League Scores app is not exactly that well-known, but this is definitely a solid app if you're looking for a nice, clean UI, and all you need it to do is keep you up to date with what's going on in the Premier League. Thanks to this app, you'll be able to check standings of the league, upcoming and past fixtures, top scorers, various additional stats, and so on. Ads are present here, but the app is free to use.

The Premier League Guide

The Premier League Guide app is yet another app that is not that well-known, but it also provides plenty of info when it comes to the English Premier League, while the design is not half bad either. This app can provide you with live updates for the Premier League matches, send Premier League-related news your way, and so on. Ads are present here as well, but the app is free.

Goal Fantasy Football

Goal's Fantasy Football app is yet another compelling fantasy football app. This fantasy football app is not limited to the Premier League, and it comes with Goal's design, the same design you'll see on other two apps this company offers. The premise is simple, you can select a team, your players, and then compete with other people. This app comes with ads and in-app purchases, but it's free to play.